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adwordsToday we will look at 7 tips to help you with your AdWords campaign. AdWords has been the most widely viewed online advertisements channel. It is unbelievable however that so many individuals and businesses just jump into the program without any knowledge of how it works and how to get maximum returns of the marketing investments. A large amount of AdWords expenses worldwide just gone into Marketing expenses without any measurable result whatsoever. We hope this article will help you gain some more insights into AdWords world, and you will be equipped with more knowledge before throwing your next budget into AdWords.

1. Keyword selection is the single most important thing in a pay-per-click campaign

Unless you have a multi million dollar business with budget to do image advertising, most businesses will go with text-based ads. The sad thing is, many businesses go creating text ads without doing any or much research beforehand. The keywords you choose can make a big difference on the cost you pay. The more specific you go the better. Also try as many keywords combination as you can, not just the commonly used ones. There are many courses available out there which will teach you to do this.

2. Target the keywords at what benefits it can bring, not what you can do

You should plan your keywords with your customers in mind. Focus on what benefits they can get from your ads campaign, and not what you can do for them. For example, if you are building a campaign on SEO, it is much better to say “Get your website on first page of Google” (benefit for them) rather than “We will build high quality links for your website” (what you can do).

3. Research your competitors

The beauty about Internet is it is open for research to everyone. Try to type in the keywords about your campaign in Google, and see the ads that show up. Put yourself in your cutomers’s shoes, and see which one of the ads move you to click on it? It could give you a good idea of what is a good and working ad, and what is not. Furthermore, you could also get some ideas of your competitor’s ads and combine the ideas in producing your own ads.

4. Use the power of negative keywords

Some people who advertise on AdWords do not know that Google actually allows you to specify negative keywords in your ads. Use this to your advantage. For example, if you want to filter out the paying customers from customers who are looking for “freebies”, you could specify “free” as your negative keywords. The usage does not stop there, you could also use negative keywords to narrow down your customer base and getting more targeted impressions.

5. Broad/Exact/Phrase Match

If you are used to doing keyword research using Google Keyword Tool, then this concept is not new to you. Bidding your AdWords campaign on keywords like dog training (without any quotes or brackets) will bring your ad up every time people type any search queries with “dog” or “training” in it. Bidding the keywords using phrase (“dog training”) will bring up your ads whenever people type a search query with the phrase “dog training” in it. The third way to bid your keywords is to use square bracket ([dog training]). This will bring up your ad only when people type the exact two words [dog training] in that order (without the square bracket). Experiments with all three possibilities and see which one works best for you. As a general rule of thumb, the bracketed keywords (exact search match) will generally yield the highest CTR (click through rate) as it is the most targeted among the three.

6. Put strong verb in your headlines

Verb works better than nouns or adjectives because it could create a mental image in your mind. Rather than saying “Amazing Arthritis Treatment”, it is more powerful to say “I cure my Arthritis”. It gives a more vivid, realistic idea of what the ads could do to help or benefit you.

7. Run multiple ads under same campaign at the same time

Always run at least two ads at the same time. There is nothing wrong with running multiple ads at the same time (other than your ads get more views and you need higher budget). But Google will do its jobs of rotating your ads back and forth evenly. After a while you will be able to see which ads get more clicks (not impressions) and remove the old ads. Continue the campaign with two different ads until you find the best performing single ad. Of course you need to wait until the campaign runs for at least a few days to get a more exact performance comparison between the two ads.

These are just 7 tips of how you could maximize you ROI on your AdWords campaign. There are many more tips that we can do to improve our AdWords campaign result. Contact the leading online marketing company in Wollongong if you would like more information about creating a successful AdWords campaign.