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seo-packagesDigiweb Media offers a number of SEO packages to suit every business’ needs. Many new SEO clients are not informed clearly of what packages and options available for SEO services. It is important to know what SEO servives are available, but more importantly which one you actually need. We are going to discuss this in details in this article to help business owners or decision makers to understand the types of SEO work you could expect from your SEO and online marketing consultant.

First of all, before we talk about SEO, it is important that you already have a website. If not you can come and talk to the best web design company in Wollongong right here. Digiweb Media exists to help business owners to grow their business, and we leverage the web marketing for this. Thus we do not just create fancy websites just to make a quick income. We understand and analyse the business, create the website based on what is best for the business performance and help to get it rank on first page of Google. It is an end-to-end online marketing solution for both thriving and existing business.

So what are the options available for Search Engine marketing services? How should you approach an SEO company and ask for quote? First you need to understand there are three levels of SEO scope in terms of geographical area which affects the pricing. From the smallest to the largest areas these are:

1. Local SEO

This is the most affordable SEO package that Digiweb Media offers but sometimes it is all you need. Local SEO is the search engine optimisation techniques target at your local area or municipality. You can go from as small as a suburb to as large as a city or a state. If your business is only serving the local customers (eg. plumbers, electricians), it makes no sense to let you SEO company charges you a fortune for a national or nation-wide SEO services. All you need is local SEO.

The keywords or search terms example of this category include:

“dentist sydney”
“handyman wollongong”
“car dealer canberra”

Most of the businesses that fall into this category are local small businesses witg brick-and-mortar stores, or services which only serve local residents and do not ship their products interstate or overseas. This is the cheapest SEO package available and should not cost more than a few hundred dollars per month.

2. National SEO

If your business regularly ship products to other states in Australia, or if you are a service provider who provides services to interstate clients, then you need the national SEO package to bring desired results to your business. The businesses that fall into this category are normally the mediumto large size business who serve nation wide customers, or even global customers.

The example of nation wide SEO search terms include:

“motorcycle parts”
“software company”
“best supplement”

This package naturally costs more as the competition is higher (compete against nationwide products and services suppliers instead of just local area). It could cost from few hundreds to a thousand or more per month depending on the business and the competitions.

3. Global SEO

In addition to local SEO package and nation wide SEO package, Digiweb Media also offers the global SEO package. Global SEO basically means your business is now competing against similar businesses from all over the world. It is hence the toughest SEO services to conquer and cost a lot more than local or nation wide SEO. If this is the package that you need, you should only engage the experienced consultant who understands how the system works to practice SEO safely. Many SEO providers provide a “quick-fix” SEO by basically spamming your website to thousands of other websites in the world in order to help you rank. The fact is this actually does sometimes work… for a while. Before you know it, Google will detect the spamming patterns and slam your business website down to the bottom of search engine. You do not really want this to happen for your business website!

Global SEO can cost from a thousand to few thousand dollars per month depending on the nature of the business and the fierceness of the competitions.

In addition to help you with your SEO campaign so you can focus on the most important aspect of your business, we will also connect and optimise your website to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Why is this important?

  1. Enable you to track and analyse the performance of your campaign anytime you want
  2. Optimise your website according to Google Webmaster guidelines. This is very important as we only practice white-hat SEO

Check out the following video about Google Webmaster Tools:

We do not just help to get your website to the top of the search engine results page, but we also ensure that your website serves useful and engaging content to your website visitors. This includes embedding media rich content such as images and videos, social media plugins to integrate your campaigns with your other social media accounts such as facebook, twitter or linkedin. This will not just add values to your visitors but also will boost your website performance in the search engine rankings.

And if all these affordable seo packages are still not enough, we also offer money back guarantee. Yes, we will work for you for the first month, and if you do not see any promised results after the first month, you pay nothing at all. You only start paying us after the result has been proven after the first month. You are not bound to any contracts until you see the result from our first month’s work based on the agreed scope and performance from the start.

If you have any questions about our fees, or your small business seo, or seo for enterprise, you can always contact us here. We are only a phone call or an email away and we will be happy to help you with your initial queries. One hour free consultation is provided for every new client of ours.