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We are one of Kiama web design companies that will help you build your websites to grow your business. We don’t just design and build websites, but we learn about your business first. Then together with you we devise the best strategy to help you grow your business in Kiama and the Illawarra area.

kiamaMost of our websites are based on the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System) which is WordPress. We believe you should be able to make updates to your site anytime you want to – simply, easily and from just about anywhere you’re at. That’s why every site we develop includes content management. The Pure Imagination Content Management System gives our customers control over their site’s content in an extremely easy to use, intuitive web-based administrative interface. It’s easy to learn and use, but at the same time it’s also very robust, powerful, customizable and expandable. And best of all, it’s a future proof solution that doesn’t break when technologies and browsers change.

Over 90% of the sites we develop are built on WordPress Content Management System although we can also build sites on other platforms from the simple HTML to complex Magento e-commerce system. There’s a reason, however, that most of our clients end up choosing WordPress for their website. After comparing the options, they see why we went to trouble of building our own. It’s extremely simple to use, highly customizable, only has the features and functions you want built into your website and it’s easily expandable in the future. The user interface was designed to be so simple and intuitive to use that anyone in any organization can use it with little to no training. In short, it’s better than anything out there – and more of our clients choose it over any other CMS solution.

We also develop Magento e-commerce website solutions that are flexible, customizable and designed to effectively sell your products online. Our standard e-commerce product offering is very robust and flexible and covers almost 90% of customers needs “out of the box.” We also have the ability to customize any type of solutions or features necessary to produce an effective overall solution based on clients unique needs. Together with our customization capabilities, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better e-commerce solution on the market.

We cannot wait to work with you to grow your business not just in Kiama area but also in the Illawarra area. Contact us today for a competitive price but most importantly, to help you grow your business using the website and other online media, such as social media marketing. We also provide a number of SEO packages to suit every budget and business requirements.